4D Customized SPIM

Selective Plane Illumination customized system with optical sectioning capacity for multicolour acquisition of cleared thick samples, small organs, tissues and whole embryos. Information from different views can be acquired to obtain a 3D reconstruction of the specimen.

The custom made selective plane illumination microscope with a temperature chamber
ApplicationsMulti-color plane illumination microscopy (SPIM) on thick samples
SoftwareOpt3D (Customized software developed by 4D-Nature Imaging Consulting, S.L.)
ObjectivesMitutoyo M plan Apo 2x 0.055 DRY
Mitutoyo M plan Apo 5x 0.14 DRY
Mitutoyo M plan Apo 10x 0.28 DRY
IncubatorLarge size incubator for temperature and CO2 control
StagesMotorized arm movement in XYZ
Sample SetupSyringe, capillary tube, glass tube, quartz cuvette
Illumination SourceDiode 405 nm
Diode 488nm
Diode 532nm
Diode 638nm
 Detectors/Cameras ORCA-Flash sCMOS Camera (Hamamatsu)
Configuration Special holder for big specimens
FiltersDAPI Em: 417-477nm
CFP Em: 467-497nm
GFP Em: 500-520nm; 502.5-547.5nm
RED Em: 558-586nm; 605-625nm; 612-644nm
FAR RED Em: 661.5-690.5nm