ISS ALBA-FLIM Nikon ECLIPSE Inverted multiphoton [cofounded by FEDER “Una manera de hacer Europa”]

Two-channel multiphoton system for in vivo FLIM and N&B

ApplicationsFluorescence LifeTime Imaging (FLIM), N&B
SoftwareVistaVision ISS 4.2

Plan Apo VC 60x/1.2 WI

Plan Apo VC 60x/1.4 Oil

S Fluor 40X/1.3 Oil DIC H/N2

40x/0.9  DIC Dry

S Fluor 20x /0.75 Dry

10x/0.45 DIC N1

IncubatorMini-incubator for temperature control and CO2
StageX,Y,Z motorized stage
Sample Setup35 mm Petri dishes and standard microscope slides
Illumination SourceSpectra-Physics MaiTai tunable DS Laser. 690-1040 nm (pulse <100ps)

2 PMTs

2 APDs

2 Hybrid PMT detectors

Configuration Inverted NIKON ECLIPSE
Epi-FiltersDAPI, TRTC, GFP
External Access