External Access

Unit rates

The Unit of Microscopy and Dynamic Imaging, as part of TRIMA@CNIC (ICTS national infrastructure) is open to external access.

Internal and external users can consult the available technology of microscopy and analysis at https://www.cnic.es/en/investigacion/2/1187/tecnologia, which is detailed and periodically updated by each equipment.

The Unit of Microscopy and Dynamic Imaging three access modalities, which are described with their own fees in the web site of CNIC https://www.cnic.es/en/investigacion/microscopia:

  1. Sporadic use of equipment, including support for image acquisition, sample preparation and/or data analysis. External users can request reservation at microscopy-unitatcnic.es.
  2. Extensive use of advanced equipment such as super-resolution, FLIM and multiphoton. External users have to contact with the Unit by microscopy-unitatcnic.es. External users are invited to fill in the form specifying type of experiments planned, type of samples, services needed including an evaluation of the time foreseen for the entire study. Users interested in completing the form and evaluating the services requested are assisted. Billing is done periodically according to the progress of the study.
  3. Prolonged stages for image acquisition on all available microscopes and data analysis with dedicated training and expert support. External investigators, facility staff, pre-doctoral, PhD students and post-doctoral fellows that wish to get a customized training on selected microscope applications or conduct part of their projects in the Unit using the equipment and expertise of the facility can apply. Visiting Scientist or within ongoing projects approved by TRIMA will be able to access all microscopes in the unit and CNIC infrastructure services at CNIC (such as cell culture room and server archives, image analysis workstations, etc.). In this case, the interested person will be temporarily incorporated into the Unit with a Visiting Scientist Agreement. The person interested in this type of service and theoretical / technical collaboration always has as point of contact the email address of the Unit (microscopy-unitatcnic.es).

For external access as Visiting Scientist (from 1 full day on) or within ongoing projects approved by TRIMA, applicants are required to explain briefly their needs filling the downloadable form. We require only a rough evaluation of the application and time required by the visitor. The form can be finalized after the visit. Sending of this document does not bind to the visit. Enquires and filled form should be sent to: microscopy-unitatcnic.es.

Individual training to all external users is offered for super-resolution STED microscopy, single molecule localization by dSTORM, TIRF, FLIM, FLIM-FRET, multiphoton microscopy and data/image analysis by Imaris, ImageJ-FiJi and deconvolution.

Moreover, the Unit organizes periodically several internal and international training workshops, which are announced in this page. Topics cover basic and advanced microscopy, time resolved (FLIM) fluorescence, TIRF, super-resolution, single molecule localization and multiphoton microscopy.