How to book for external visitors

External users are welcome to use some of the microscopes in the Unit by arrangement.

Three microscopes are open to external users True multicolor Leica AM MC TIRF - Inverted

Contact Valeria Caiolfa to enquire about availability and conditions.

Visitors receive training in the use of the instrument and data analysis. In addition, they have access to general CNIC facilities such as the cell culture room, cell storage, and biochemistry instrumentation.

As a rule, the Unit will not provide material and reagents for external users; please contact Valeria Caiolfa to inquire about your requirements, especially if you need to bring your own samples to the facility.

External users are welcome to come for short visits (1-2 days) and long visits of 2 weeks or more. For long-term visitors, the CNIC provides, through its Visiting Scientist Agreement, benefits that include work insurance, cafeteria discount, and free parking.