Selected publications

Sampietro M, Zamai M, Díaz Torres A, Labrador Cantarero V, Barbaglio F, Scarfò L, Scielzo C, Caiolfa VR 3D-STED Super-Resolution Microscopy Reveals Distinct Nanoscale Organization of the Hematopoietic Cell-Specific Lyn Substrate-1 (HS1) in Normal and Leukemic B Cells Front Cell Dev Biol (2021) 9:1658
Barbaglio F, Belloni D, Scarfò L, Sbrana FV, Ponzoni M, Bongiovanni L, Pavesi L, Zambroni D, Stamatopoulos K, Caiolfa VR, Ferrero E, Ghia P, Scielzo C 3D co-culture model of chronic lymphocytic leukemia bone marrow microenvironment predicts patient-specific response to mobilizing agents Haematologica (2020) Jul 30 [Epub ahead of print]
Suarez H, Lopez-Martin S, Toribio V, Zamai M, Hernandez-Riquer MV, Genis L, Arroyo AG, Yanez-Mo M Regulation of MT1-MMP Activity through Its Association with ERMs Cells (2020) 9:348
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Zamai M, Trullo A, Giordano M, Corti V, Cuesta EA, Francavilla C, Cavallaro U, Caiolfa VR. Number and brightness analysis in live cells reveals that NCAM and FGF2 elicit different assembly and dynamics of FGFR1. J Cell Sci (2019) 132:jcs220624
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Bodega G, Alique M, Bohorquez L, Moran M, Magro L, Puebla L, Ciordia S, Mena MC, Arza E, Ramirez MR. Young and Especially Senescent Endothelial Microvesicles Produce NADPH: The Fuel for Their Antioxidant Machinery. Oxidative Med Cell Longev (2018) :3183794
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Zaldo C, Serrano MD, Han X, Cascales C, Cantero M, Montoliu L, Arza E, Caiolfa VR, Zamai M. Efficient up-conversion in Yb:Er:NaT(XO4)2 thermal nanoprobes. Imaging of their distribution in a perfused mouse. PLoS One (2017) 12:e0177596
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Garcia-Quintans N, Sanchez-Ramos C, Prieto I, Tierrez A, Arza E, Alfranca A, Redondo JM, Monsalve M. Oxidative stress induces loss of pericyte coverage and vascular instability in PGC-1alpha-deficient mice. Angiogenesis (2016) 19:217-28
Bersini S, Gilardi M, Arrigoni C, Talo G, Zamai M, Zagra L, Caiolfa V, Moretti M. Human in vitro 3D co-culture model to engineer vascularized bone-mimicking tissues combining computational tools and statistical experimental approach. Biomaterials (2015) 76:157-72
Valiente-Alandi I, Albo-Castellanos C, Herrero D, Arza E, Garcia-Gomez M, Segovia JC, Capecchi M, Bernad A. Cardiac Bmi1 (+) cells contribute to myocardial renewal in the murine adult heart. Stem Cell Res Ther (2015) 6:205
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Groult H, Ruiz-Cabello J, Pellico J, Lechuga-Vieco AV, Bhavesh R, Zamai M, Almarza E, Martin-Padura I, Cantelar E, Martinez-Alcazar MP, Herranz F Parallel Multifunctionalization of Nanoparticles: A One-Step Modular Approach for in Vivo Imaging Bioconjugate Chem (2015) 26:153-60
Cohen A, Lerner-Yardeni J, Meridor D, Zamai M, Caiolfa VR, Kasher R, Nathan I, Parola AH The Mechanism of Inhibition of Necrosis by Humanin Derivatives: A Potential Treatment for Ischemia and Related Diseases. Biophys J (2015) 108:154
Rocha-Perugini V, Zamai M, González-Granado J, Barreiro O, Tejera E, Yañez-Mó M, Caiolfa V, Sanchez-Madrid F. CD81 controls sustained T cell activation signaling and defines the maturation stages of cognate immunological synapses. Mol Cell Biol (2013) 33:3644-58
Trullo A, Corti V, Arza E, Caiolfa VR, Zamai M. Application limits and data correction in number of molecules and brightness analysis. Microsc Res Tech (2013) 76:1135-46
Quintana-Bustamante O, Grueso E, Garcia-Escudero R, Arza E, Alvarez-Barrientos A, Fabregat I, Garcia-Bravo M, Meza NW, Segovia JC. Cell fusion reprogramming leads to a specific hepatic expression pattern during mouse bone marrow derived hepatocyte formation in vivo. PLoS One (2012) 7:e33945
Hellriegel C*, Caiolfa VR*, Corti V, Sidenius N, Zamai M (CH and VRC contributed equally) Number and brightness image analysis reveals ATF-induced dimerization kinetics of uPAR in the cell membrane. FASEB J (2011) 25:2883-97
Scielzo C, Bertilaccio MT, Simonetti G, Dagklis A, ten Hacken E, Fazi C, Muzio M, Caiolfa V, Kitamura D, Restuccia U, Bachi A, Rocchi M, Ponzoni M, Ghia P, Caligaris-Cappio F. HS1 has a central role in the trafficking and homing of leukemic B cells. Blood (2010) 116:3537-46
Hellriegel C, Caiolfa VR, Sidenius N, Gratton E, Zamai M Receptor-Ligand Interactions in the Plasma Membrane of Live Cells Resolved in Space and Time by N&B Analysis Biophys J (2010) 98:750
Digman MA, Caiolfa VR, Zamai M, Gratton E. The phasor approach to fluorescence lifetime imaging analysis. Biophys J (2008) 94:L14-6