Nikon A1-R

Confocal microscope with a high degree of flexibility.

ApplicationsConfocal imaging, photobleaching techniques (FRAP, FLIP, FRET, photoconversion and photoactivation), in vivo imaging
SoftwareNIS Elements AR 4.30.02. Build 1053 LO, 64 bits

Plan Apo 10x/0,45 DIC L dry
Plan Fluor EL WD 20x/0,45 DIC L dry
Plan Apo VC 20x/0,75 DIC N2 dry
Plan Fluor 40x/1,3 Oil DIC H N2 Oil
Plan Apo VC 60x/1,4 Oil DIC N2 Oil (under request)

Plan Apo 100x/1.4 DIC H Oil (under request)

IncubatorLarge size incubator for temperature control and CO2
StagesMotorized stage
Dishes35 mm Petri dishes, standard microscope slides, multiwell plates
Illumination SourceDiode 402 nm
Argon Ion Laser 457, 476, 488, 514 nm
High power diode 561 nm
DPSS 642
Nikon mercury lamp
Detectors/Cameras4 PMTs
1 Detector for transmitted light
Epi- FiltersDAPI: (Exc 340-380nm; Dichr LP400nm; Em 435-485)
CFP: (Exc 420-445nm; Dichr LP450nm; Em 460-510nm)
GFP: (Exc 460-500; Dichr LP505nm; Em 510-560)
Texas Red: (Exc 540-580; Dichr LP595nm; Em 600-660)