Zeiss LSM 780 Upright confocal, multiphoton FLIM system

Multi-channel combined multiphoton-confocal system with dipping objectives and non-descanned detectors for in vivo 3D and 4D imaging. Becker & Hickl FLIM cards.

ApplicationsIn vivo confocal and multiphoton imaging, SHG, 2-channel TCSPC FLIM, photobleaching techniques (FRAP, FLIP, FRET, photoconversion and photoactivation)
SoftwareZEN 2011 SP3 (black edition) 64bits version 8,1,6,484
ObjectivesW Plan-Apochromat 20x/1,0 DIC M27 75mm WD 1.8mm dipping
W Plan-Apochromat 40x/1,0 DIC M27 WD 2.5mm dipping
Plan-Apochromat 10x/0,45 M27 WD 2mm
IncubatorLarge size incubator for temperature and CO2 control
Heatable stage insert
Sample Setup35 and 60 mm Petri dishes, standard microscope slides
Illumination SourceCoherent Chameleon Vision-S Laser (pulse 75 fs). 690-1050 nm
Diode 405 nm
Argon Ion Laser: 458, 488, 514 nm
High power diode 561 nm
Diode 633 nm
Xcite mercury lamp
Detectors/Cameras2 PMTs full spectral
1 spectral PMT detector (GaAsP) with 32 channels
1 LSM Zeiss BIG1 module with filters: (cyan/yellow), (blue/green), (green/red)
1 PMT detector for transmitted light
Epi-FiltersDAPI, GFP, DsRed