Andrés Hidalgo obtains the 18th Annual Health Sciences Awardf from the Caja Rural Granada Foundation

22 Jul 2022
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  • Grupo de Andrés Hidalgo

The project “Mapping the immune behaviors of inflammation”,  from the CNIC research group led by Andrés Hidalgo, received the 18th Annual Health Sciences Award  from the Caja Rural Granada Foundation.

The research, published in the prestigious Nature magazine, has discovered “a new way of describing the immune cells during the process of inflammation in living organisms". This is a milestone that is of great scientific importance taking into account that, as explained by

Andrés Hidalgo, "inflammation as a protective response of the organism in situations of damage or stress has both advantages and disadvantages."

The Caja Rural Granada Foundation co-organizes this award with the Andalusian Public Foundation Technological Park of  Health, with the collaboration of the Regional Government of Andalusia, the University of Granada and the Colleges of Physicians and Pharmacists of Granada