“Audit Report for Carlos III National Centre of Cardiovascular Research Foundation, fiscal year of 2014”

8 Feb 2017
About the CNIC

In relation to the audit Report for Carlos III National Centre of Cardiovascular Research Foundation, fiscal year of 2014 from the Court of Auditors, to which the press release refers to from this same date, the National Center of Cardiovascular Research (CNIC), informs that:

1. The Court of Auditors report highlights that the CNIC’s annual accounts from the 2014 fiscal year, which is the subject of this report, represent a true and fair view of CNIC’s assets and financial situation, as well as the results and cash flow.

2. Also, the Court of Auditors report signals that in the follow-up of the recommendations from the previous report, it can be observed that in general, these have been implemented.

3. The conclusions and recommendations highlighted in the Court of Auditors report are fundamentally questions of criteria, interpretation or process, those of which CNIC has formulated allegations which have been included in an annex in the report of the Court of Auditors, and can be consulted starting from page 87 of the Report (nº 1200) on the Court of Auditors website.

4. CNIC positively evaluates the Court of Auditor’s report and notes down its recommendations, and which, as always, will try to be implemented as soon as possible.