Roberto Silva Rojas

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Roberto graduated in Biochemistry at Complutense University of Madrid in 2016 and obtained his Master's Degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Strasbourg in 2017. After that, he pursued his PhD at the University of Strasbourg from 2017 until his defense in October 2022. During the 4 years of his thesis, he allowed considerable advances in the physiopathology and treatment of Tubular Aggregate Myopathy (TAM) and Stormorken syndrome (STRMK), publishing several articles as first author and the filing of a patent. This doctoral stage also allowed him to supervise 3 master students, 2 of whom are currently pursuing their PhD at the University of Strasbourg.

Since his arrival at CNIC in January 2022, Roberto has been studying the effect on skeletal muscle of the mechanical perturbation of the titin protein. To do so, he couples his experience with adeno-associated viruses and his previous experience in histological, mechanical and molecular characterization of skeletal muscle and muscle cells in culture. His lines of research have allowed him to obtain a postdoctoral fellowship from EMBO, and he is currently co-directing Manuel Gavilán's doctoral thesis, which is focused on the mechanical perturbation of titin in cultured muscle cells.