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E.g., 02/10/2022
E.g., 02/10/2022
Dr. Jorge Alegre Cebollada
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10 Jun 2021

The principal aim of the AJE, the Spanish Young Academy, is to represent and give a voice to young scientists

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9 Jun 2021

The study, published in Nature in 2019, revealed relevant data about the involvement of the protein p38gamma in the development of the main type of primary liver cancer, which affects over a million people a year worldwide

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8 Jun 2021

Dr Enríquez and Dr del Pozo Muñoz join their colleagues Dr Miguel Torres, Dr Pura Muñoz and Dr Francisco Sánchez Madrid,  bringing to five the number of CNIC members in EMBO

Sanchez Madrid receives the Santiago Ramón Cajal National Prize in the area of Biology
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18 May 2021

The Spanish National Prizes for Research, created in 1982, are the most important awards in Spain in the area of scientific research.

Dr. Miguel Torres
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10 May 2021

Dr. Torres is a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO). Dr. Miguel Torres’s scientific research focuses on the regulation of embryonic development and the formation and regeneration of organs.

Jacky Goetz
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28 Apr 2021

Dr. Jacky Goetz works on intravital imaging and biomechanical forces during the progression of tumors.

Jesús Vázquez, Jacob Fog Bentzon, Emilio Camafeita y Esmeralda Lewis.
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13 Apr 2021

The new insight supports the need to keep both LDL cholesterol and blood pressure low throughout life by healthy diet choices, weight control, exercise, and, when needed, by drug therapy

Mapa de T1 obtenido con SACORA y valores promedios
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22 Mar 2021

The development of this 3D T1 mapping technique, called "SACORA", comes as part of the ongoing collaboration between CNIC and Philips

Valentín Fuster
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25 Feb 2021

Dr Valentín Fuster, Director of the Spanish National Centre for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC) is to receive the Gold Medal of the Association of Cardiovascular Imaging of the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC) for his original and innovative scientific activity in cardiovascular imaging to reach new frontiers in cardiovascular health of the heart and brain.

Marta Amorós Pérez, Virginia Zorita, Nuria Matesanz, Marian Zuriaga y José Javier Fuster.
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23 Dec 2020

The project will investigate the role of clonal hematopoiesis—the formation of mutated hematopoietic stem-cell clones promoted by anti-cancer therapies—in the development of atherosclerosis and associated cardiovascular disease