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Dr. Vicente Andrés obtained his PhD in Biological Sciences from Univ Barcelona (1990). In his postdoctoral training at Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School (1991-1994) and St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Tufts University (1994-1995), he led studies into the role of homeobox and MEF2 factors in processes of cellular differentiation and proliferation, and developed an interest in cardiovascular disease (CVD). In 1995, he was appointed Assist. Prof. of Medicine at Tufts University. After obtaining a position as Tenured Scientist in the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Dr. Andrés returned to Spain in 1999 to establish his research group at the Institute of Biomedicine of Valencia, where he worked as a Full Professor and Head of the Department of Pathology & Molecular & Cellular Therapy (2003-2009). In September 2009, he moved to Madrid to lead the laboratory of Molecular and Genetic Cardiovascular Pathophysiology at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III (CNIC), where he has been Director of Basic Research Department since 2015. His lab has identified cell cycle and transcription factors that regulate atherosclerosis and restenosis and biomarkers of these diseases. His more recent research has also unveiled mechanisms underlying physiological and premature aging and associated CVD with the goal of improving diagnosis and treatment. His translational research provides a framework for understanding how genes and environmental factors dictate aging and CVD with the ultimate goal of improving diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Andrés´s involvement goes beyond the laboratory. He collaborates very actively with his research target users/patients. Patient associations such as Progeria Research Association (PRF) (USA), Assoziacione Italiana Progeria Sammy Basso Onlus (Italy) and Asociación Progeria Alexandra Peraut (Spain) are partners of some of his projects, thus facilitating the dissemination of clinical and scientific advancements in progeria to the society.

Dr Andrés received the 2010 Dr León Dumont Prize from the Belgian Society of Cardiology, and an Innovator Award (2012) and an Established Investigator Award (2014) from the PRF. He is a member of PRF’s Medical Research Committee since 2015, member of External Advisory Board in “Research for healthy Ageing” EC Project (H2020-WIDESPREAD-2018-2020 call, Horizon 2020) (2021-2023), member of the Advisory Board at Centre of Thrombosis Research, Univ Talca, Chile (since 2019), and has organized several PRF Workshops (2016/2018/2020/2022) and other international meetings.

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Dorado de la Corte Beatriz Julia Assistant researcher --- Ext. 1511 Contact
Barettino Grediaga Ana Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 70677 Contact
González Granado José María Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 70700 Contact
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Gonzalo Ibanez Pilar Graduate technician --- Ext. 70589 Contact
Andrés Manzano María Jesús Technician --- Ext. 70282 Contact
Benedicto Español Ignacio Visiting scientist --- Ext. 70115 Contact
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Fernandez Bravo Sergio Visiting scientist --- Ext. 70908 Contact
Gonzalez Amor Maria Visiting scientist --- Ext. 70468 Contact
Hamczyk Magda Rita Visiting scientist --- Ext. 70636 Contact
Nevado García Rosa María Visiting scientist --- Ext. 70138 Contact
Prieto Paredes Rubén Visiting student --- Ext. 70857 Contact