Appearances in the media

International media: Reproducibility study confirms our Highly Cited Paper (Cell 2011):

In December 2021, The Scientist and Wired interviewed me and reported on the reproduction by eLife of the results from our Highly Cited Paper in Cell 2011:

Three recent articles selected by the “Research” section of the SEBBM Magazine:

Comments in media about Nobel Prize in Medicine 2021 (on Mechanobiology):

Nat Cell Biol 2023 in the press:

Nat Comms 2022 in the press:

Science 2020 in the press:

Nat Comms 2019 in the press:

EMBO Membership Election (June 2021):

Press coverage from El Mundo, and public dissemination, on the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 infection, and its relevance for pandemic evolution and its public health implications:

Madri+d Science Week (CNIC participation, 2020). “Semana de la Ciencia” 2020: Online talk on Covid-19 immunology for children and families (13 November 2020):

On vaccines and potential explanations of secondary effects:

Omicron Variant:

Press coverage including Cadena SER interview, Diario el Mundo30/12/2021, live interview in A3 Noticias (national news) on Sunday January 2, 2022 (by Matías Prats):

Vaccination strategy:

In #WorldBookDay 2023, scientific outreach campaign organized by @CaixaResearch and @UbiK_media; I spoke about “The Emperor of Scent” by Chandler Burr about the scientist Luca Turin:

European Night of Researchers:

Article in Diario de la Ribera:

Article and interview in Radio Aranda: