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iSuRe-HadCre promises to become an essential tool for biomedical research using mouse models to modify and understand gene function

En primer plano: Emilio Camafeita, Rui Benedito y Macarena Fernández; detrás, de izda. a dcha., Ana Dopazo, Jesús Vázquez, Alberto Benguria, Mariya Lytvyn, Severin Muhleder, Sofía Sánchez, Lourdes García.
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The new study, published in Nature Cardiovascular Research, will help to select the most effective and safe way to modulate angiogenesis in ischemic tissues or in cancer

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AngioUnrestUHD, will develop and apply new research tools and methods to advance knowledge about the biology of blood vessels in distinct physiological and pathological contexts

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