Selected publications

Garcia-Gonzalez I, Rocha SF, Hamidi A, Garcia-Ortega L, Regano A, Sanchez-Muñoz MS, Lytvyn M, Garcia-Cabero A, Roig-Soucase S, Schoofs H, Castro M, Sabata H, Potente M, Graupera M, Makinen T, Benedito R. iSuRe-HadCre is an essential tool for effective conditional genetics. Nucleic Acids Res (2024) :gkae472
Zarkada G, Chen X, Zhou X, Lange M, Zeng L, Lv W, Zhang X, Li Y, Zhou W, Liu K, Chen D, Ricard N, Liao J, Kim YB, Benedito R, Claesson-Welsh L, Alitalo K, Simons M, Ju R, Li X, Eichmann A, Zhang F. Chylomicrons Regulate Lacteal Permeability and Intestinal Lipid Absorption. Circ Res (2023) 133:333-349
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Fernández-Chacón M, Mühleder S, Regano A, Garcia-Ortega L, Rocha SF, Torroja C, Sanchez-Muñoz MS, Lytvyn M, , Casquero-Garcia V, De Andrés-Laguillo M, Muhl L, Orlich MM, Gaengel K, Camafeita E, Vazquez J, Benguría A, Iruela-Arispe ML, Dopazo A, Sánchez-Cabo F, Carter H, Benedito R. Incongruence between transcriptional and vascular pathophysiological cell states Nature Cardiovascular Research (2023) :1-38
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Garcia-Gonzalez I, Gambera S, Regano A, Rocha SF, Garcia-Ortega L, Lytvyn M, Sanchez-Muñoz MS, Garcia-Cabero A, Zagorac I, Luo W, Fernández-Chacón M, Casquero-Garcia V, Francesca Lunella F, Benedito, R. iFlpMosaics enable the multispectral barcoding and high-throughput comparative analysis of mutant and wildtype cells. bioRxiv (2023) Aug 29 [Epub ahead of print]
Diago-Domingo L, Cuervo H, Benedito R. BMPing up endocardial angiogenesis to generate coronary vessels. Dev Cell (2022) 57:2515-2516
Monelli E, Villacampa P, Zabala-Letona A, Martinez-Romero A, Llena J, Beiroa D, Gouveia L, Chivite I, Zagmutt S, Gama-Perez P, Osorio-Conles O, Muixi L, Martinez-Gonzalez A, Castillo SD, Martín-Martín N, Castel P, Valcarcel-Jimenez L, Garcia-Gonzalez I, Villena JA, Fernandez-Ruiz S, Serra D, Herrero L, Benedito R, Garcia-Roves P, Vidal J, Cohen P, Nogueiras R, Claret M, Carracedo A, Graupera M. Angiocrine polyamine production regulates adiposity. Nat Metab (2022) 4:327
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Bernier-Latmani J, Cisarovsky C, Mahfoud S, Ragusa S, Dupanloup I, Barras D, Renevey F, Nassiri S, Anderle P, Squadrito ML, Siegert S, Davanture S, González-Loyola A, Fournier N, Luther SA, Benedito R, Valet P, Zhou B, De Palma M, Delorenzi M, Sempoux C, Petrova TV. Apelin-driven endothelial cell migration sustains intestinal progenitor cells and tumor growth. Nature Cardiovascular Research (2022) 1:476
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Luo W, Garcia-Gonzalez I, Fernández-Chacón M, Casquero-Garcia V, Sanchez-Muñoz MS, Mühleder S, Garcia-Ortega L, Andrade J, Potente M, Benedito R Arterialization requires the timely suppression of cell growth Nature (2021) 589:437-441
Mühleder S, Benedito R. An RNA helicase swirls in lymphangiogenesis Nat Cell Biol (2021) 23:1109-1110
Mühleder S, Fernández-Chacón M, Garcia-Gonzalez I, Benedito R Endothelial sprouting, proliferation, or senescence: tipping the balance from physiology to pathology Cell Mol Life Sci (2021) 78:1329-54
Fernández-Chacón M, García-González I, Mühleder S, Benedito R Role of Notch in endothelial biology Angiogenesis (2021) 24:237-50
Garcia-Gonzalez I, Benedito R Intricacies of conditional genetics in vascular biology CURR OPIN HEMATOL (2021) 28:189-197
Garcia-Gonzalez I, Mühleder S, Fernández-Chacón M, Benedito R Genetic Tools to Study Cardiovascular Biology Front Physiol (2020) 11:1084
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Lim R, Sugino T, Nolte H, Andrade J, Zimmermann B, Shi C, Doddaballapur A, Ong YT, Wilhelm K, Fasse JWD, Ernst A, Kaulich M, Husnjak K, Boettger T, Guenther S, Braun T, Kruger M, Benedito R, Dikic I, Potente M. Deubiquitinase USP10 regulates Notch signaling in the endothelium Science (2019) 364:188-193
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Pontes-Quero S, Fernandez-Chacón M, Lou W, Lunella FF, Casquero-Garcia V, Garcia-Gonzalez I, Hermoso A, Ferreira Rocha S, Bansal M, Benedito R High mitogenic stimulation arrests angiogenesis Nat Commun (2019) 10:2016
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Fernandez-Chacon M, Casquero-Garcia V, Lou W, Lunella FF, Ferreira Rocha S, Del Olmo-Cabrera S, Benedito R iSuRe-Cre is a genetic tool to reliably induce and report Cre-dependent genetic modifications Nat Commun (2019) 10:2262
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Pontes-Quero S, Heredia L, Casquero-Garcia V, Fernandez-Chacon M, Luo W, Hermoso A, Bansal M, Garcia-Gonzalez I, Sanchez-Munoz MS, Perea JR, Galiana-Simal A, Rodriguez-Arabaolaza I, Del Olmo-Cabrera S, Rocha SF, Criado-Rodriguez LM, Giovinazzo G, Benedito R. Dual ifgMosaic: A Versatile Method for Multispectral and Combinatorial Mosaic Gene-Function Analysis. Cell (2017) 170:800-14
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Rocha SF, Schiller M, Jing D, Li H, Butz S, Vestweber D, Biljes D, Drexler HC, Nieminen-Kelha M, Vajkoczy P, Adams S, Benedito R, Adams RH. Esm1 Modulates Endothelial Tip Cell Behavior and Vascular Permeability by Enhancing VEGF Bioavailability. Circ Res (2014) 115:581-90
Benedito R, Rocha SF, Woeste M, Zamykal M, Radtke F, Casanovas O, Duarte A, Pytowski B, Adams RH. Notch-dependent VEGFR3 upregulation allows angiogenesis without VEGF-VEGFR2 signalling Nature (2012) 484:110-4
Benedito R, Roca C, Sörensen I, Adams S, Gossler A, Fruttiger M, Adams RH. The notch ligands Dll4 and Jagged1 have opposing effects on angiogenesis Cell (2009) 137:1124-35