EUCAI European Cell-based Assays Interest Group provides state of the art cell based screening platforms that advance basic research and drug discovery towards improved prediction of clinical efficacy and safety. In particular, the interest group offers expertise in the development, characterization and application of advanced cell biological models such as 3D culture, co-cultures, primary cells and stem cells for screening purposes.

REMOA Red Española de Microscopía Óptica Avanzada promotes knowledge transfer and collaboration between Microscopy Laboratories and Facilities located in Spanish Research Institutes, Universities and Hospitals. The REMOA community develops its activity around scientific and technical topics, mainly in the fields of Optical Microscopy and Digital Imaging for Life Sciences.

SDDN Spanish Drug Discovery Network is a forum where professionals working in the drug discovery field. The activity is structured around three fundamental axes: Sharing knowledge, Knowing each other and thus facilitating access to opportunities. Improve the international presence of scientists, professionals and Centers that are dedicated in Spain to "Drug Discovery".

SIC Sociedad Ibérica de Citometría. The Iberian Cytometry Society (SIC) is a scientific society whose objective is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between laboratories and technology units in Spain and Portugal, as well as to promote the development of this powerful multiparametric technique in both fields of basic and clinical research.


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