Digital analytical flow cytometers

  • Two FACSCanto II (BD) incorporating three laser lines (405nm, 488nm and 633nm) able to detect 10 parameters (2+6+2) simultaneously.
  • A LSRFortessa (BD) equipped with four laser lines (405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 633nm) able to detect 18 parameters (7+4+4+3) simultaneously.
  • A SP6800 Sony spectral analyzer equipped with 3 laser lines (405nm, 488nm, and 633nm) able to detect spectral signals between 400 and 800nm.

Cell Sorting systems

  • A digital flow sorter FACSAria SORP (Becton Dickinson) equipped with 6 lasers (355n, 405nm, 449nm, 488nm, 561nm y 640nm) able to analyze 20 parameters simultaneously. The system is housed in a BSL2 biosecurity hood.
  • Sy3200 flow sorter (SonyBiotechnology) including two independent sorting modules, one equipped with 4 lasers (405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 640nm) and 16 detectors and an additional one including 2 lasers (488nm and 640nm) and 8 detectors. The system is housed in a BSL2 biosecurity hood.
  • An automated magnetic sorter (Automacs).

Cytometry software packages (Modfit, FlowJo, FACSDiva, and FCS Express) are available for users.

Pannel design tool adapted to CNIC resources:  https://app.fluorofinder.com/cnic


Liquid Handling

  • Robotic platform: A liquid handling workstation connected to a cell culture incubator with 110 plate throughput (Freedom EVO, Tecan) and a plate storage carrousel with 220 microplate storage capacity.
  • Cell counter (Coulter)
  • Cell seeder (Multidrop, Thermo)
  • SpeedVac/Manual 96 well pipet…

HCS Imaging

  • High Throughput Imaging: An automated confocal microscope for microplate reading (Opera, Perkin Elmer) equiped with a plate handler with 14 position plate shelf and barcode reader.

Whole genome human and mouse siRNA libraries

  • ON-TARGETplus™ Human Genome siRNA Library. 2 sets of 0.1nmol in 384 well plates. Each set; 18300 genes, 4 different siRNAs per gen. Total 73200siRNAs distributed in 528 plates.
  • siGENOME®  Mouse Genome siRNA Library. 1 sets of 0.1nmol in 384 well plates. Each set; 19040 genes, 4 different siRNAs per gen. Total 76160 siRNAs distributed in 280 plates.

Image analysis

  • The Unit is equipped with dedicated image analysis software packages (Acapella, Definiens, MatLab, Amira) and develops custom algorithms for image and data analysis using these programming platforms and other open source tools (FIJI, KERAS, Caffe).
  • ESC-Track: a computer workflow for 4D segmentation, tracking, lineage tracing and dynamic context analysis of ESCs.