3-Colour Fast TIRF Leica AM TIRF MC

TIRF (Total Internal Reflection Microscopy) illumination system for selective visualization of close to substrate structures such as the basal plasma membrane, and studies of cell motility, protein aggregation, vesicle traffic, etc. Resolution in Z direction reaches up to 70 nm.  Customized for N&B application on live cells.

Leica TIRF microscope with temperature and CO2 chamber
ApplicationsTIRF, wide field and N&B Microscopy
SoftwareLAS-AF 2.6.0. build 7266
ObjectivesHCX PL APO 20x 0,7 dry
HCX PL APO 40x 1,25 oil
HCX PL APO 100x 1,46 oil
IncubatorLarge size incubator for temperature and CO2 control.  Pecon Heatable Stage Insert.
Sample Setup35mm Petri dishes and standard microscope slides
Illumination SourceLaser Diodes Lines: 488, 564, 633 nm
Intensilight fluorescence lamp
Detectors/CamerasAndor DU 897 EMCCD
Andor DU 8285 VP EMCCD
FiltersGFP: BP 490/20 (500) BP 525/50
RFP: BP 552/24 (570) BP 605/65
Cy5: BP 635/10 (650) BP 720/60
VBG: BP 490/20 422/44 552/24 (435/505/550) BP 465/45 545/55 610/65