Leica gated STED-3X- WLL SP8

STED super resolved imaging and co-localization in 3D. Optimal for fixed samples. Gating, photon counting detectors and super-continuum laser (WLL) provide high flexibility and sensitivity also in the confocal mode.

Image of the Leica SP8 stimulated emission depletion microscope, where the microscope table, screen computers and laser rack are visible
ApplicationsConfocal and super-resolution 3D STED imaging, photobleaching techniques (FRAP, FLIP, FRET, photoconversion and photoactivation)
SoftwareLAS X 3.1.1. 15751
ObjectivesHC PL Fluotar 10x/0.3 Dry
HC PL Apo CS2 20x/0.75 IMM
HC PL Apo CS2 40x/1.3 OIL
HC PL Apo CS2 63x/1.4 OIL
HC PL Apo CS2 100x/1.4 OIL
StagesMotorized stage
Sample Setup35 mm Petri dishes and standard microscope slides
Illumination SourceDiode 405 nm
White Light Laser: from 470 to 670 nm up to 8 lines simultaneously
STED Depletion Laser lines: 592nm, 660nm
Intensilight fluorescence lamp
Detectors/Cameras2 PMTs full spectral
2 Hybrid detectors full spectral
1 detector for transmitted light
Epi- FiltersBlue (A): exc BP 340-380 Dichr400 Em LP 425
Green (I3): exc BP 450-490 Dichr510 Em LP 515
Red (N2.1): exc BP 515-560 Dichr580 Em LP 590