CNIC participates in Scientific Weekend

29 May 2017
About the CNIC

More tan 40 institutions participated in the VII edition of the “Scientific Weekend”

The VII edition of the “Scientific Weekend”, the science fair for all audiences, was celebrated for the fourth consecutive year at the National Museum of Science and Technology (MUNCYT) in Alcobendas on the 27th and 28th of May, with the collaboration of the Social Work “la Caixa”. More than 40 institutions from all over Spain participated in this weekend, among which was the National Centre of Cardiovascular Research (CNIC). All of them prepared more than 200 activities, workshops and games so that the visitors of this fair in Alcobendas could learn all about science and technology.

The boys and girls who approached the stand of the CNIC were able to discover first-hand everything they had ever wanted to know about the functioning of the heart. For example, they saw a heart through the microscope, something that can only be done in a laboratory with the most sophisticated technology. They also discovered the shape and the sound that the heart makes. Furthermore, they could also see how the sarcomere contracts, the anatomical and functional unit of the striated muscle.

Two of the other activities organized by CNIC consisted of explaining the genetic code with the help of Harry Potter using gummy amino acids, which served to explain how proteins are made, and to reconstruct Pokémon’s phylogenetic tree.

In addition, during the “Scientific Weekend”, other activities were also held, like discovering eggs that bounce and change colour, “scientific magic”, virtual reality, science in the kitchen, seeing a “chair to weigh astronauts”, learning robotics or immersing into the exciting world of science through experimentation.