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E.g., 25/02/2021
E.g., 25/02/2021
4 May 2020

The study shows that the replication of flu virus particles infecting the heart blocks the transmission of cardiac electrical impulses

: Blood vessel duplications in the inflamed intestinal mucosa of a mouse with colitis.
3 Dec 2019

Scientists at the CNIC and CSIC have identified a function of a protease that could be the future target of drugs to treat inflammatory bowel disease

19 Nov 2018

The scientific event, which took place in Madrid, brought together more than 100 researchers from different fields of cardiovascular biology

16 Nov 2018

The study results, published in the journal Nature Communications, identify several proteins implicated in this disease

About the CNIC
29 May 2017

More tan 40 institutions participated in the VII edition of the “Scientific Weekend”

Noelia Alonso-González, Juan Antonio Quintana y Andrés Hidalgo.
24 Apr 2017

CNIC scientists show that when macrophages ingest these expired cells they acquire protective properties