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E.g., 24/09/2023
20 Mar 2018

INPhINIT is a PhD scholarship program Promoted by the Social Project “Obra Social ‘la Caixa’” and designed to integrate young international researchers in the best Spanish research centers, in the fields of technology, engineering, physics, mathematics, health sciences and life sciences

Alberto Sanz, Gerente del CNIC; Dr. Jordi Camí, director de la Fundación Pasqual Maragall; Dr. Valentín Fuster, director general del CNIC, y Dr. Borja Ibáñez, Director de Investigación Clínica del CNIC.
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30 May 2017

Los resultados permitirán avanzar en el conocimiento de la interacción entre los diversos factores de riesgo de ambas enfermedades

: Prof. Miguel Torres and Prof. Nadia Mercader
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1 Mar 2017

The 4DHeart project is underpinned by a €1.5 million budget spread over 4 years

De izda. a dcha.: Dr. Luis Rodríguez Padial, vicepresidente de la SEC; Dr. Andrés Íñiguez, presidente de la SEC; Dr. Valentín Fuster, director general del CNIC; Dr. Borja Ibáñez, director de Investigación Clínica del CNIC; Dr. Manuel Anguita, presidente electo de la SEC; Dr. Vicente Andrés, director de Investigación Básica del CNIC y D. Alberto Sanz, director gerente del CNIC.
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6 Feb 2017

The Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC) and The Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III (CNIC) have created an ambitious joint plan of postgraduate training for cardiologists in order to promote good quality research in the cardiovascular field

Los participantes de la CNIC Conferenc
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2 Nov 2016

Mechanical forces are the major drivers of development, physiology, and diseases of the cardiovascular system