Group leader
Ext. 4302

Borja Ibáñez holds a degree in medicine from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and PhD from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He completed his clinical fellowship in cardiology at the Fundacion Jimenez Diaz Hospital in Madrid, during which he became interested in clinical research, working mainly with invasive imaging techniques for the study of the atherothrombotic disease. After completing his training in clinical cardiology, he made a training period of three years in basic research at Mount Sinai in New York. His doctoral thesis focused on the study of the ability of HDL-cholesterol to stabilize atheroma plaques and their assessment using non-invasive imaging tools. Since returning to Spain, he combines his scientific activity in the CNIC with clinical activity in the Fundación Jimenez Diaz University hospital. His passion is the study of myocardial diseases, with a clear translational vocation. His research ranges from the study of the mechanisms responsible for the development of myocardial diseases, to clinical trials to test therapies identified by his group in preclinical studies. His clinical activity consists mainly in coronary interventions of patients suffering an acute myocardial infarction. To perform this translational research, he uses noninvasive imaging technology, mainly magnetic resonance, also including the development of new imaging algorithms to improve the use both on research and clinical levels.

Other members
Surname and name Position CV Extension Email
Fernández Alvira Juan Miguel Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 4307 Contact
Fernández Jiménez Rodrigo Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 1119 Contact
Lobo González Manuel Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 1119 Contact
Oliver Perez Eduardo Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 1511 Contact
Rosselló Lozano Francisco Javier Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 1501 Contact
Vilchez Tschischke Jean paul Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 1515 Contact
Pizarro Sánchez Gonzalo Senior technician --- Ext. 5404 Contact
Benn Robert Austin Bruce Predoc researcher --- Ext. 1506 Contact
Clemente Moragón Agustín Predoc researcher --- Ext. 1506 Contact
Galán Arriola Carlos Predoc researcher --- Ext. 1119 Contact
Pun García Andrés Predoc researcher --- Ext. 1503 Contact
Villena Gutiérrez Rocío Predoc researcher --- Ext. 1506 Contact
Escalera Noemí Graduate technician --- Ext. 5401 Contact
Ferreira da Rocha Susana da Conceicao Graduate technician --- Ext. 1503 Contact
Higuero Verdejo María Isabel Graduate technician --- Ext. 1119 Contact
Camacho Martínez Daniel Technician --- Contact
García Menéndez María Iris Technician --- Ext. 5406 Contact
Gomez Parrizas Monica Technician --- Ext. 1506 Contact
Lalama Valarezo Doménica Valeria Technician --- Ext. 1506 Contact
Agüero Ramón-Llin Jaume Visiting scientist --- Contact
Ascaso Arbona María Visiting scientist --- Contact
Ayaon Albarrán Ali Visiting scientist --- Ext. 1119 Contact
Bautista Hernández Víctor Visiting scientist --- Contact
Blanco Ruiz Eva María Visiting scientist --- Contact
Blázquez González José Antonio Visiting scientist --- Contact
Bodega Villanueva Patricia Visiting scientist --- Contact
Boglione María Victoria Visiting scientist --- Contact
Chaara Rim Visiting scientist --- Contact
Clemente Toribio Cristina Visiting scientist --- Ext. 1153 Contact
de Cos Gandoy Amaya Visiting scientist --- Contact
de Miguel Estévez Mercedes Visiting scientist --- Contact
De Molina Gómez Claudia Visiting scientist --- Contact
Desdín Micó Gabriela Grisel Visiting scientist --- Contact
Devesa Arbiol Ana Visiting scientist --- Contact
Fernández Ferro José Carlos Visiting scientist --- Contact
Ferreira Da Silva Tiago Fernando Visiting scientist --- Contact
Gámez Fernández Sonia Visiting scientist --- Ext. 1168 Contact
García Ruiz José Manuel Visiting scientist --- Ext. 4108 Contact
Gavilán Santiago Marta Visiting scientist --- Ext. 5406 Contact
Gómez Talavera Sandra Visiting scientist --- Contact
González Mirelis Jesús Visiting scientist --- Ext. 5406 Contact
Jordá Burgos Paloma Visiting scientist --- Contact
Juárez del Rio José Ignacio Visiting scientist --- Contact
Martín Mariscal María Luisa Visiting scientist --- Contact
Martínez Milla Juan Visiting scientist --- Ext. 1506 Contact
Mendoza Roy Julia Visiting scientist --- Ext. 5403 Contact
Mittelbrum Herrero María Visiting scientist --- Ext. 1506 Contact
Montero Cruces Lourdes Visiting scientist --- Contact
Nieto Moral Carlos Visiting scientist --- Contact
Nuche Berenguer Jorge Visiting scientist --- Contact
Oller Pedrosa Jorge Visiting scientist --- Contact
Orrit Prat Xavier Visiting scientist --- Contact
Pereda Arnau Daniel Visiting scientist --- Contact
Pérez Camargo Daniel Visiting scientist --- Contact
Ramchandani Ramchandani Bunty Kishore Visiting scientist --- Contact
Ramírez Valdiris Ulises Visiting scientist --- Contact
Rigol Muxart Montserrat Visiting scientist --- Contact
Rodríguez Caballero Carla Visiting scientist --- Contact
Rodríguez Esparragoza Luis Alejandro Visiting scientist --- Contact
Sánchez Gozález Javier Visiting scientist --- Ext. 1509 Contact
Sánchez Sánchez Violeta Visiting scientist --- Contact
Santos Beneit María Gloria Visiting scientist --- Contact
Spaczynska Monika Visiting scientist --- Contact
Torres Maestro Blanca Visiting scientist --- Contact
de San Sebastián Jaraba Irene María Visiting student --- Contact
Díaz Rengifo Iván Alejandro Visiting student --- Contact
Fernández Tocino Miguel Visiting student --- Contact
García Rodrigo Damián Visiting student --- Contact
González Calle David Visiting student --- Contact
Huertas Nieto Sergio Visiting student --- Contact
López Rojo Natalia Visiting student --- Contact
Mora Vidal Santiago Visiting student --- Ext. 1506 Contact