Selected publications

Del Fresno C, Saz-Leal P, Enamorado M, Wculek SK, Martinez-Cano S, Blanco-Menendez N, Schulz O, Schulz O, Gallizioli M, Miro-Mur F, Cano E, Planas A, Sancho D. DNGR-1 in dendritic cells limits tissue damage by dampening neutrophil recruitment. Science (2018) 362:351-6
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Izquierdo HM, Brandi P, Gomez MJ, Conde-Garrosa R, Priego E, Enamorado M, Martinez-Cano S, Sanchez I, Conejero L, Jimenez-Carretero D, Martin-Puig S, Guilliams M, Sancho D. Von Hippel-Lindau Protein Is Required for Optimal Alveolar Macrophage Terminal Differentiation, Self-Renewal, and Function. Cell Rep (2018) 24:1738-49
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Saz-Leal P, Del Fresno C, Brandi P, Martinez-Cano S, Dungan OM, Chisholm JD, Kerr WG, Sancho D. Targeting SHIP-1 in Myeloid Cells Enhances Trained Immunity and Boosts Response to Infection. Cell Rep (2018) 25:1118-26
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del Fresno C, Iborra S, Saz-Leal P, Martínez-López M, Sancho D. Flexible Signaling of Myeloid C-Type Lectin Receptors in Immunity and Inflammation. Front Immunol (2018) 9:804
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Enamorado M, Iborra S, Priego E, Cueto FJ, Quintana JA, Martínez-Cano S, Mejías-Pérez E, Esteban M, Melero I, Hidalgo A, Sancho D. Enhanced anti-tumour immunity requires the interplay between resident and circulating memory CD8+ T cells. Nat Commun (2017) 8:16073
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Sancho D, Enamorado M, Garaude J. Innate Immune Function of Mitochondrial Metabolism. Front Immunol (2017) 8:527
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Conejero L, Khouili SC, Martinez-Cano S, Izquierdo HM, Brandi P, Sancho D. Lung CD103+ dendritic cells restrain allergic airway inflammation through IL-12 production. JCI Insight (2017) 2:90420
Sanchez-Paulete AR, Cueto FJ, Martinez-Lopez M, Labiano S, Morales-Kastresana A, Rodriguez-Ruiz ME, Jure-Kunkel M, Azpilikueta A, Aznar MA, Quetglas JI, Sancho D*, Melero I* (DS and IM are co-senior and co-corresponding authors) Cancer immunotherapy with immunomodulatory anti-CD137 and anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibodies requires Batf3-dependent dendritic cells. Cancer Discov (2016) 6:71-9
Garaude J*, Acín-Pérez R, Martínez-Cano S, Enamorado M, Ugolini M, Nistal-Villán E, Hervás-Stubbs S, Pelegrín P, Sander LE, Enríquez JA*, Sancho D* (JG, JAE and DS are co-corresponding authors) Mitochondrial respiratory-chain adaptations in macrophages contribute to antibacterial host defence Nat Immunol (2016) 17:1037-45
Iborra S, Martinez-Lopez M, Cueto FJ, Conde-Garrosa R, Del Fresno C, Izquierdo HM, Abram CL, Mori D, Campos-Martin Y, Reguera RM, Kemp B, Yamasaki S, Robinson MJ, Soto M, Lowell CA, Sancho D. Leishmania Uses Mincle to Target an Inhibitory ITAM Signaling Pathway in Dendritic Cells that Dampens Adaptive Immunity to Infection. Immunity (2016) 45:788-801
Blanco-Menendez N*, Del Fresno C*, Fernandes S, Calvo E, Conde-Garrosa R, Kerr WG, Sancho D (NBM and CF contributed equally) SHIP-1 Couples to the Dectin-1 hemITAM and Selectively Modulates Reactive Oxygen Species Production in Dendritic Cells in Response to Candida albicans. J Immunol (2015) 195:4466-78
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Sancho D, Joffre OP, Keller AM, Rogers NC, Martinez D, Hernanz-Falcon P, Rosewell I, Reis e Sousa C Identification of a dendritic cell receptor that couples sensing of necrosis to immunity Nature (2009) 458:899-903
Sancho D, Mourão-Sá D, Joffre OP, Schulz O, Rogers NC, Pennington DJ, Carlyle JR, Reis e Sousa C. Tumor therapy in mice via antigen targeting to a novel, DC-restricted C-type lectin. J Clin Invest (2008) 118:2098-110