Group leader
Ext. 2010

After graduating in Biology (National Prize), David Sancho specialized in Immunology as a resident at Hospital La Princesa (Madrid). While there, he led projects analyzing kinase polarization during the formation of the immune synapse and the immunoregulatory role of the C-type lectin CD69 in animal models of inflammation and autoimmunity. After obtaining his PhD from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Molecular Biology department), he took a postdoctoral position at the London Research Institute (Cancer Research UK), where he found a new C-type lectin (DNGR-1/CLEC9A) that selectively marks the population of human and mouse dendritic cells that cross-present antigens in MHC-I. His work established the function of DNGR-1/CLEC9A in cross-priming in vivo. On his return to Spain, he established his laboratory at the CNIC, where he has continued to analyze the basis of innate sensing by dendritic cells, the role of different dendritic cell subsets in pathophysiological models, and possible applications in new immunotherapy strategies. He secured a European Research Council Starting Grant (2010) and participates as a partner in a Horizon2020 consortium (2015).

Other members
Surname and name Position CV Extension Email
Amores Iniesta Joaquín Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 2305 Contact
Brandi Paola Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 2305 Contact
Cueto Rodriguez Francisco Javier Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 2306 Contact
Del Fresno Sanchez Carlos Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 2304 Contact
Dunphy Gillian Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 2305 Contact
Mastrangelo Annalaura Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 1202 Contact
Van Dinther Dieke Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 1213 Contact
Wculek Stefanie Kristin Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 2305 Contact
Adán Barrientos Irene Predoc researcher --- Ext. 2305 Contact
Chayeb Khouili Sofía Predoc researcher --- Ext. 2306 Contact
Heras Murillo Ignacio Predoc researcher --- Ext. 2305 Contact
Priego Saiz Elena Predoc researcher --- Ext. 2305 Contact
Conejero Hall Laura Visiting scientist --- Contact
Cook Nugent Emma Clare Visiting scientist --- Ext. 1213 Contact
Hernández García Elena Visiting scientist --- Contact
Iborra Martin Salvador Visiting scientist --- Ext. 2304 Contact
Martínez Cano Sarai Visiting scientist --- Ext. 2305 Contact