Selected publications

Del Campo L*, Sanchez-Lopez A*, Salaices M, von Kleeck RA, Exposito E, Gonzalez-Gomez C, Cusso L, Guzman-Martinez G, Ruiz-Cabello J, Desco M, Assoian RK, Briones AM, Andres V. (LDC and ASL contributed equally) Vascular smooth muscle cell-specific progerin expression in a mouse model of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome promotes arterial stiffness: Therapeutic effect of dietary nitrite. Aging Cell (2019) 18:e12936
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Martinez K, Martinez-Garcia M, Marcos-Vidal L, Janssen J, Castellanos FX, Pretus C, Villarroya O, Pina-Camacho L, Diaz-Caneja CM, Parellada M, Arango C, Desco M, Sepulcre J, Carmona S. Sensory-to-Cognitive Systems Integration Is Associated With Clinical Severity in Autism Spectrum Disorder. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry (2019) Jul 2 [Epub ahead of print]
Pretus C, Marcos-Vidal L, Martinez-Garcia M, Picado M, Ramos-Quiroga JA, Richarte V, Castellanos FX, Sepulcre J, Desco M, Vilarroya O, Carmona S. Stepwise functional connectivity reveals altered sensory-multimodal integration in medication-naive adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Hum Brain Mapp (2019) Jul 20 [Epub ahead of print]
Carmona S, Martinez-Garcia M, Paternina-Die M, Barba-Muller E, Wierenga LM, Aleman-Gomez Y, Pretus C, Marcos-Vidal L, Beumala L, Cortizo R, Pozzobon C, Picado M, Lucco F, Garcia-Garcia D, Soliva JC, Tobena A, Peper JS, Crone EA, Ballesteros A, Vilarroya O, Desco M, Hoekzema E. Pregnancy and adolescence entail similar neuroanatomical adaptations: A comparative analysis of cerebral morphometric changes. Hum Brain Mapp (2019) 40:2143-52
Casquero-Veiga M, Garcia-Garcia D, MacDowell KS, Perez-Caballero L, Torres-Sanchez S, Fraguas D, Berrocoso E, Leza JC, Arango C, Desco M, Soto-Montenegro ML. Risperidone administered during adolescence induced metabolic, anatomical and inflammatory/oxidative changes in adult brain: A PET and MRI study in the maternal immune stimulation animal model. Eur Neuropsychopharmacol (2019) 29:880-896
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Gordaliza PM, Munoz-Barrutia A, Via LE, Sharpe S, Desco M, Vaquero JJ. Computed Tomography-Based Biomarker for Longitudinal Assessment of Disease Burden in Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Mol Imaging Biol (2019) 21:19-24
Cusso L, Musteanu M, Mulero F, Barbacid M, Desco M. Effects of a Ketogenic Diet on [(18)F]FDG-PET Imaging in a Mouse Model of Lung Cancer. Mol Imaging Biol (2019) 21:279-85
Albert-Smet I, Marcos-Vidal A, Vaquero JJ, Desco M, Muñoz-Barrutia A, Ripoll J. Applications of Light-Sheet Microscopy in Microdevices. Front Neuroanat (2019) 13:1
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Salinas B, Guembe M, Cusso L, Kestler M, Guinea J, Desco M, Munoz P, Bouza E. Assessment of the anti-biofilm effect of micafungin in an animal model of catheter-related candidemia. Med Mycol (2019) 57:496-503
Pena-Zalbidea S, Huang AY, Kavunja HW, Salinas B, Desco M, Drake C, Woodruff PJ, Vaquero JJ, Swarts BM. Chemoenzymatic radiosynthesis of 2-deoxy-2-[(18)F]fluoro-d-trehalose ([(18)F]-2-FDTre): A PET radioprobe for in vivo tracing of trehalose metabolism. Carbohydr Res (2019) 472:16-22
Hu J, Gorsak T, Martín Rodríguez E, Calle D, Muñoz-Ortiz T, Jaque D, Fernández N, Cussó L, Rivero F, Aguilar Torres R, García Solé J, Mertelj A, Makovec D, Desco M, Lisjak D, Alfonso F, Sanz-Rodríguez F, Ortgies DH. Magnetic Nanoplatelets for High Contrast Cardiovascular Imaging by Magnetically Modulated Optical Coherence Tomography. ChemPhotoChem (2019) 3:529-539
Moreno-Conde A, Parra-Calderon CL, Sanchez-Seda S, Escobar-Rodriguez GA, Lopez-Otero M, Cusso L, Del-Cerro-Garcia R, Segura-Sanchez M, Herrero-Uriguen L, Marti-Ras N, Alberti-Ibarz M, Desco M. ITEMAS ontology for healthcare technology innovation. Health Res Policy Syst (2019) 17:47
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Perez-Caballero L, Soto-Montenegro ML, Hidalgo-Figueroa M, Mico JA, Desco M, Berrocoso E. Deep brain stimulation electrode insertion and depression: Patterns of activity and modulation by analgesics. Brain Stimul (2018) 11:1348-55
Garcia-Vazquez V, Sese-Lucio B, Calvo FA, Vaquero JJ, Desco M, Pascau J. Surface scanning for 3D dose calculation in intraoperative electron radiation therapy. Radiat Oncol (2018) 13:243
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de Molina C, Serrano E, Garcia-Blas J, Carretero J, Desco M, Abella M. GPU-accelerated iterative reconstruction for limited-data tomography in CBCT systems. BMC Bioinformatics (2018) 19:171
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