Quality Policy

The Advanced Imaging Unit has implanted a quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015.

Mission: The Advanced Imaging Unit (AIU) is a facility of the CNIC that offers imaging techniques (magnetic resonance, PET-CT, optics, ultrasounds, molecular probes and image processing) to be used in a standardized and reliable manner.

Vision: The AIU intends to be an exemplary technical unit in the CNIC as well as in biomedical imaging at a national level.

Quality politics

The AIU is oriented to:

  • Provide a quality service to the researchers and to ensure the different image techniques offered by the unit are useful for their research projects.
  • Advice the researchers about the best imaging techniques available for their research projects.
  • Develop new imaging techniques and contrast agents to be incorporated into the unit portfolio.
  • Work in collaborative projects with the different research groups of the center.
  • The continuous improvement of the service offered by the AIU.
  • Follow the legal requirements and regulations involved in the unit workflow.