The Cellomics Unit, specialized in cellular analysis techniques, has the primary objective of providing the latest Flow Cytometry and High Content Screening (HCS) technologies, as well as providing computational tools for image-based scientific applications to the CNIC.

The Unit assists researchers in experimental design and data interpretation for flow cytometry experiments, it provides the necessary technical expertise in the manipulation of equipment and software. The unit houses four latest generation digital analytical flow cytometers, three high-speed flow sorters with BSL2 biosecurity and an automated magnetic sorter.

HCS services include design, development (miniaturization, automation, analysis) and performance of siRNA library and drug screening. Human and mouse whole genome siRNA libraries are available for screening purposes. Other HCS resources include a liquid handling workstation with 220 microplate throughput, an automated confocal microscope connected to a 14 microplate robotized plate handler, dedicated software and programming platforms.

The Image Analysis group was established within the Cellomics Unit in collaboration with Microscopy Unit at CNIC under the coordination of María Montoya. It provides analysis solutions for image-based scientific applications by developing computational techiniques that extract information from biological images, from advanced optical microscopy to optical tomography.

The Unit also conducts cell biology based research, focused in the regulation of membrane trafficking and mechanobiology. The Cellomics lab carries out research lines in technology development, specialized in implementing tools for quantitative imaging and data mining for HCS.