Research project in electrophysiology and/or arrhythmias

Intended for Medical professionals during the final year of their resident intern specialization (MIR) in Cardiology or cardiologists, members of the Sección de Electrofisiología y Arritmias (Spanish Society of Cardiology, SEC)
Content Research project
Venue CNIC laboratories
Duration 1-year contract renewable for an additional year
Annual February

Teoría y prácticas en investigación traslacional para cardiólogos

Dirigido a Médicos que hayan finalizado su periodo de Formación Sanitaria Especializada (MIR) en Cardiología, miembros de la Sociedad Española de Cardiología (SEC).
Contenido Formación teórico-práctica en investigación traslacional.
Duración 24-36 meses
Lugar CNIC, centros pertenecientes al Sistema Nacional de Salud, centros internacionales de investigación.

Laboratory work for resident physicians

Intended for Medical professionals during their resident intern physician (MIR) specialization period, members of the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC).
Content Research project and training in new technologies.
Venue CNIC laboratories.
Duration Flexible, depending on the regulations of the MIR training program at the participants’ home institutions. The guideline proposal is for a 4-to-6 month project.
Annual call May/June.

Promoting Cardiovascular Translational Research

Intended for Medical professionals specializing in Cardiology or another cardiovascular related area and holding a PhD Degree
Content Translational research project
Venue Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre / CNIC laboratories
Duration 5-year contract

Theory and practice in a laboratory for resident physicians

Intended for Medical professionals during the first years of their specialization period as resident interns, members of the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC).
Content Research project.
Venue CNIC laboratories.
Duration Maximum of 9 consecutive weeks.
Annual call August.