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Dr Valentín Fuster combines roles as General Director of the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III (CNIC) in Madrid and Director of the Cardiovascular Institute and Physician-in-Chief at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York. He is also Editor in Chief of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC), the main source of clinical news and analysis in cardiovascular medicine, published by the American College of Cardiology.

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Other members
Surname and name Position CV Extension Email
Castellano Vázquez José María Coordinator of the Support Unit for Clinical Research --- Ext. 4301 Contact
Martín Puig Silvia Assistant researcher --- Ext. 3113 Contact
Cortés Canteli Marta Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 1501 Contact
Díaz Díaz Covadonga Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 3104 Contact
Isern Marín Joan Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 1157 Contact
Toribio Fernández Raquel Postdoc researcher --- Ext. 1505 Contact
Fernández Friera Leticia América Senior technician --- Ext. 5410 Contact
García Álvarez Ana Senior technician --- Ext. 1507 Contact
García Lunar Inés Senior technician --- Ext. 5407 Contact
López Jiménez Alejandro Senior technician --- Contact
Tristao Pereira Catarina Sofía Predoc researcher --- Contact
Escobar Rodríguez Beatriz Graduate technician --- Ext. 3102 Contact
Fernández Nueda Irene Technician --- Ext. 1505 Contact
García Mateos Marta Technician --- Ext. 5400 Contact
Oliva Pellicer Belen De Cortes Technician --- Ext. 4309 Contact
Albendea Gómez Teresa Visiting scientist --- Ext. 3103 Contact
Fernandez-Ortiz Antonio Visiting scientist --- Ext. 9027 Contact
Hernandez Carlos Visiting scientist --- Ext. 1505 Contact
Pascual Figal Domingo Andrés Visiting scientist --- Ext. 4108 Contact
Sanz Salvo Ángel Javier Visiting scientist --- Ext. 5408 Contact
Van Nassau Femke Visiting scientist --- Contact
Doyagüez Sánchez Sofía Sonsoles Visiting student --- Contact
Escobar Cruz Alvaro Visiting student --- Contact
Mendoza Tamajón Susana Visiting student --- Contact