In addition to our collaborators, scientific life at the lab is possible thanks to many people including colleagues and mentors at CNIC (M. Torres, J.M. Redondo, M.A. del Pozo...) and outside CNIC (J.M. Fernández, Á. Martínez-del-Pozo, J.G. Gavilanes, W.A. Linke...), and also to funding agencies (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Fundacion Pro-CNIC, Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, Regional Government of Madrid, European Research Council). We are thankful for the outstanding lab management by L. Grau, administrative assistance by A. Gutiérrez, and administrative support from all departments at CNIC (Scientific Management, HR, finance, purchasing...). We also thank all feedback received from reviewers and from colleagues at meetings and seminars.