If you are interested in joining the lab, we want to hear about you and your ideas! Send an e-mail to Jorge (jalegre at cnic.es) including your CV and a motivation letter. We always welcome applicants to the different training programs at CNIC, and motivated students with excellent academic record to develop their Degree, Master or PhD Thesis.

Our philosophy of work is set by our main goals as a laboratory. We want our discoveries to be relevant enough to be included in textbooks. We take pleasure in training and mentoring students and postdocs so that they become an improved version of themselves. We support flexible work schedule regarding time-off and holidays, always keeping in mind that we are a team working together. And last but not least, we want to have fun. Our goals are challenging and require hard work – so we better have a good time while achieving them!

For more information about the scientific life in the lab, please check our Philosophy of Work statement that can be downloaded from here.